5 Car Brands to Buy and 5 You Should Avoid

Starting with the Top 5 brands NOT to buy:

5. Volkswagen

Let’s kick-off with the 5th most un-reliable car brand on the roads today.

At number 5, we have Volkswagen. We all remember the rigging of diesel-powered Volkswagen vehicles to cheat on government emissions tests, and the many legal cases that followed. In parallel to this, Volkswagen have also had difficulties with consumer reports of expensive repairs and un-reliable car designs in comparison with other car brands they compete with.

They do however have an exciting all electric ID.4 model and of course the amazing Golf GTi.  So it’s not all bad with Volkswagen.

As a brand, they have a long journey ahead for quality of design and reliability though.  Time will tell with their new models, but their history to-date doesn’t give cause for optimism.

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